Marcelle King – UK exhibitor, judge and breeder of Afghan Hounds and Tervueren.
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The home of Jack
(I'm Alright...),
Shaggie Maggie,
Terry Turnip Toes,
Dotty Doris,
Milli the Minx and
Barry (the Polar Bear).
  Our original breed where we enjoyed great success, breeding the first ever UK Tervueren Champion and making up many others.   All the information
on the 'Species Appropriate Diet'
for fitter, happier, healthier, longer-living dogs (and cats). 
  By using positive motivation and teaching you to 'think like a dog',
I will improve your human/canine relationship.
  Over the years we have written many articles on Belgian Shepherds (we still edit the BSDA of GB Yearbook), Afghans and canine diet.

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